Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Triptych Images

Triptych: A set of three images or artworks meant to be appreciated together.

We recently had another triptych competition. These are the images I entered.

I spent some time one day playing with food colouring dropped into milk.  I loved the individual images but when this triptych competition came along I was pleased to be able to show some different steps of the process.

This was such a fun process to put together. First, I had to build up the background and the sandy ground using a sand coloured towel and sand poured on top of it. Then I placed the fully built lego set and the mini figures in their places.  I then started taking the completed set apart bit by bit and set up the mini figures to look like they were building the set. Finally I took the entire set apart.
 Please do click on the images to get a closer view of all those pieces.