Thursday, March 22, 2018

Black and White (edited)

My husband mentioned that you all might be more interested in the story behind the photos than the scoring system from my photography club.   These photos were for a competition titled "Black and White".

This photo was taken in Tanzania in 2013.  My family and I were volunteering with a media ministry that was filming music videos for a group of Maasai who were raising money to develop a school that they have built for their children.  This young man was a student from the school.  He was cast in the music video.  We were inside a hut built from mud and cow dung and he was outside looking in.  We filmed him just like this.  I don't think we ended up using that footage in the music videos. 

I found these sea urchins, or kina as they are called here in New Zealand, over many walks along the beach.   I painted the white one a year ago for another still life but ended up not using it.  I had planned on using unpainted kina for this photo but thought the white one made the kina on top stand out more. This photo was taken in my garage with studio lighting.  I used a reflector to block the light from the background to make the kina stand out more from the surroundings.

My Happy Place

My photography club had a competition in February titled "My Happy Place".

The photo I entered was a photo of the still life photos I have taken laid out in grid view in Lightroom.  The photo earned an Honours score which is the highest score you can get.  

The second photo I entered into our competition is of the view from the actual place that I love to be.