Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Movie/Song/Book Title

Our most recent club competition was Movie/Song/Book title.  The idea was to encourage our club members to step out of their comfort zones.  I found myself struggling quite a lot with what to enter so chose a typical "me" photo.  One I took of my sons years ago and titled it " You've got a friend in me" from the song from the movie Toy Story.

It was now time to decide what I would do for my second entry so I fell back to creating a quilt inspired image like in previous posts on this blog so I went about researching quilt patterns and spent hours placing thin strips of paua shell in my carefully planned template and thought surely there is a book about a quilt or a song that I can just throw in here.  This was the image I turned in.

What I turned in I titled "The Matrix" because if I squinted my eyes a bit I thought it looked like the introduction to the movie.  The judge of this competition encouraged me to have a closer look and see if I could maybe make the segments different lengths more like the actual image in the intro sequence.

So I went back today and this is what I came up with:

This is a screenshot of that opening sequence that I should of had a look at before entering the first matrix image .

Triptych Images

Triptych: A set of three images or artworks meant to be appreciated together.

We recently had another triptych competition. These are the images I entered.

I spent some time one day playing with food colouring dropped into milk.  I loved the individual images but when this triptych competition came along I was pleased to be able to show some different steps of the process.

This was such a fun process to put together. First, I had to build up the background and the sandy ground using a sand coloured towel and sand poured on top of it. Then I placed the fully built lego set and the mini figures in their places.  I then started taking the completed set apart bit by bit and set up the mini figures to look like they were building the set. Finally I took the entire set apart.
 Please do click on the images to get a closer view of all those pieces.

Quilt Patterns

A dear friend of mine is a quilter.  Not like the kind of quilts you imagine when I say the word "quilter".  

I should actually call her an artist.  She uses cloth to make the most beautiful works of art.  The following images were inspired by her beautiful art.

I use macro photos that I have taken of Paua shells and crop them into the shapes I need to fit. I know that abstract photos might not be everyones first choice, but I love the patterns and the movement in the colours that can be found in Paua shells.

click on each image for a larger version.


Kiwiana: Items or artefacts relating to or produced in New Zealand. 

Our first photo club competition of the year was Kiwiana.  One of the foods I chose to photograph is a candy that is called " Jaffas".  There are stories of how people would take these round candies to the movies and roll them from the back of the cinema to the front.  With this in mind I decided to set up my candies to look a bit like the seats in a movie cinema.  

When I was buying this bag of Jaffas, the person who was bagging my groceries dropped the bag and the result of dropping the bag was just one of these candies was damaged.  I loved how the damage in the candy made it stand out and be a little different from all the others.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021


A few years ago, we had a competition with the theme of "Weather".  It was such a fun competition.  I entered this photo I took while we were in Tanzania of a lovely family that was up for a challenge.  While I stood under an umbrella they got completely soaked in a massive downpour all while mostly seeing the humour in it.