Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Photo Club

I joined a photo club last year and it has been incredibly fun.  Photo club has  encouraged me to work on my portfolio.  Last year I used some old images for competitions.  This year, I have decided not to do that.  I will only turn in images photographed this year.

The first competition of the year was titled "Red".  I started looking everywhere for the perfect red image.  I did research, scoured food magazines, and kept my eyes open for anything red that would make an appealing image.

Yesterday, I gathered up some things that were in my kitchen, set up my trusty lights and photographed them.

At our first competition of the year my image was chosen as the best digital image of the night.

I am pretty pleased with how the photo turned out.

I also entered the above image.  It didn't do as well.  I really enjoyed the challenge of photographing it.  The ice started melting while I was photographing it and made this really great puddle.