Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Battle of the Images

Our photo club added a "Battle of the Images" night to our workshop rotation.  It was tremendous fun and I think everyone enjoyed the night.  The images had to be taken in the last 18 months. 
I entered three images:

This photo titled "Honey" was photographed in my garage using clamps to hold the spoons in place while I poured golden syrup out of a plastic bottle.  I lit it from behind and really enjoyed the result.

This horse's name is Tiger.  He is the most beautiful ginger colour.  I really enjoyed photographing him when I visited the USA last year.

This delightful youngster was seven months old in this photo.  He was playing in his excersaucer.  Thankfully the room he was in had floor to ceiling windows.  I rotated his excersaucer around to face the window and called his name.  He looked up and this was the expression on his face.

This photo won the "Conqueror" award at the Battle of the Images.  I was so pleased!